Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Requisite Monthly Blog

Hello, dear reader. February is always the coldest, darkest month. Maybe not scientifically, or whatever. But I remember even growing up in Alaska, it always seemed like the worst of winter. Same is true in Brooklyn.

February has been extremely busy. I have too much work at the moment, which I have to remind myself is a good problem to have. On a not-out-of-the-ordinary day I might spend the morning chatting with someone who makes organic marijuana-infused jam, then I'll spend an hour or so tweeting about fancy home products, and then I'll spend the afternoon on some dull writing about multinational insurance companies. Ageh. The hope is that this situation will distill into one or two reliable long-term projects, and that I will free up my time to write fun stuff. I also had a couple pieces published this month. You can read them here and here

Last week a friend visited from Taiwan, so I got to play tourist four a few days. Over the weekend, the three of us visited Niagara Falls (pictures to come). On Thursday we stood outside for 90 minutes waiting for the ceremonial new year's fireworks in Chinatown. Before this week, my friend had never even seen snow, so I was thoroughly impressed with her stamina.

I'm thinking about retiring this blog. Although the idea makes me really sad for some reason. Alas - blogs are a dated format in this present era of digital communication (social media, ftw!). If I decide to do so, I'll keep the domain and it will keep existing, it just wont be updated. I like it as a record of my wayward youth, erm, travels.

If I did so, I wouldn't stop writing about myself, but I'm thinking of perhaps switching to a family e-newsletter (and a few friends) format. I think this blog was probably most entertaining when I was in Taiwan. Partially, it was all new back then. And blogs were an energetic platform. Also, I mainly write here for family (and a few friends), i.e. the people who are at least mildly interested in the quotidian moi. A more private mode of communication feels more appropriate at this juncture. 

Some of you are probably thinking newsletter???? Okay, grandma! But over the last year I've noticed that Twitter/Facebook/et. al. feels like a fire hose of information shooting past my head every day and sometimes I catch something funny and interesting, and sometimes I miss the important stuff. It all feels too impersonal. I like the idea of writing for a small group. 

If you've got a strong opinion either way, shoot me an email or a Facebook message.