Monday, May 19, 2014

Graduation and Some Updates

Squeaky wheel gets the grease, y'all. After complaining pretty much everywhere about my stupid fly ribbons PIC Corporation (who licenses the Raid brand for all this fly-killing business) sent me a free fly stick and a window trap. But after about a week of stalking flies in the kitchen and bathroom, they seem to be all gone. We even put bananas back out on the counter - heavens! - and we still haven't seen any. So I wont be able to evaluate these two anytime soon (or ever, hopefully!), but I appreciate the gesture. 

Elsewhere in business transactions: It is really lame that Red Box charges for a second day after 9pm. Everyone knows you're supposed to have until midnight. So that's lame. What's not lame is I went to West Marine to buy sailing gear for my upcoming adventure (June is just around the corner!) and had excellent customer service both in-store and then later on the phone in the process of ordering my boots and gloves online.

Okay, I think I've sufficiently buried the lead:

James graduated! Yay! Where does the time go, now he's a master - all of that good stuff. His job hunt is ongoing, so for the moment (and by that I mean exactly right now at this moment) we are two people at a kitchen table staring at our laptops trying to figure out what's next and where's next and how to get that cash monay! Millenials in tha house, woooo!

What's next immediately is a cruise down to Mexico starting this Friday with James' immediate family plus Nai Nai, coming all the way from Taiwan! There's basically no Internet on the boat, so in a couple weeks I should be able to tell you exactly how much Mandarin I've forgotten. 

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