Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Quick Post

It's been almost two weeks since my last blog! Sorry!

The main problem is my novel requires a lot of computer time and my freelance work requires a lot of computer time and it's hard to commit to even more computer time to keep up this space. But I'm still going to try not to let two weeks go by between posts.

Plus, this is a bit of a slack week for freelancing, which means more time for writing, which also means looking for excuses to delay writing ... liking blogging! Also, tomorrow I'm taking part in a jury focus group at a law office. I hope I get to be the faux juror who is like the guy in 12 Angry Men who convinces everyone else to vote not guilty.

Other news:

My freelance workload hasn't evaporated. Things are still popping up, I'm querying a new story, still have one under consideration. And I have a decent load of un-bylined writing/editing work.

I'm within an inch of a first draft of my novel. I think it's going slower here at the end because it's hard to wind things up, and after that the monumental task of rewriting begins.

This was my first Chinese New Year not in Asia since 2010. Some Beijing friends posted to Instagram photos where the pollution was too thick to see the fireworks. Happy year of the horse, y'all!

James and I are taking an improv class. I haven't done anything theatrical since high school, it's very fun.

At the end of next month we're going to New Orleans for a weekend - yay!

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