Saturday, February 22, 2014

Another Wild Week of Working From Home

Impromptu don't-put-underwear-on Tuesday

Kitchen table office is prime for eavesdropping when upstairs neighbors have screamy fight and somebody declares he's moving out. "Good luck paying rent you stupid bitch." (Imagine this said in a deliciously-elongated Texas drawl - and yes I did get up and lurk behind the blinds to make sure I didn't miss anything).

When the kitchen chairs are no longer comfortable, it's possible to transfer to the auxiliary office - i.e. to pick up the MacBook and work in bed.


"This story" [which we've sat on in radio silence for two months] "feels like less than a full feature."

"We love what your writing! .. Budget issues .. We need to renegotiate the price."

Working in bed is kind of terrifying. I already spend so much time at home, spending too much time in one room feels like the whole world is getting smaller. I'm afraid if I do it too often I'll morph into an anti-social shut-in a la Emily Dickinson (lolz, except way, way less talented).

This week, the days had a weird bad news/good news/bad news pattern and by Thursday afternoon my lower back was one massive stress knot - somewhat alleviated by going to yoga Friday night.

Sometimes after I eat really greasy, salty fast food, I feel uncomfortable for a couple hours. But the tightness in my back is more annoying and has lasted for about two days now, even though I don't feel particularly stressed at this moment. The discrepancy in the bodily repercussions of a late-night Whataburger run versus a couple shitty work-related emails is interesting to me. Takeaway lesson: It's better to have gainful employment and eat as many cheeseburgers as you like.

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