Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Looking for Jobz

If my life were a sports team, I reckon the next year or two are going to be rebuild years. It's not easy to go from one country, where I'd essentially reached the top of the heap and had a good-sized network, to another where I have very little network outside of Los Angeles.

On the upside: I have another longish article in the works and I have one freelance job that takes  little time and covers about 30% of what I need to live on.

I was at a birthday party last weekend making small chat with one of James' grad school classmates. He asked me what I do and I said, "Just looking for work at the moment." And, spoken like someone who has never been out of school and simultaneously unemployed for very long, he replied - in sincerity - "That must be nice!"


Grad schoolers. I always envisioned grad school as something people went to after they'd been out of school for awhile, learned about themselves and the world, articulated what they actually wanted to do in life, etc. But a fair amount of James' classmates went into his program straight from undergrad. I'm sure this will work out fine for most of them, but I think James is maximizing what there is to be gained from the program since he can relate it to previous work experience.

Although my period of FUNemployment has now shifted to just plain unemployment/semi-employment/scrambling - I'm still having a pretty good time. Craigslist job searching is nothing if not entertaining. Most amusing job ads of late:

Earn $$$ from home! It's so easy - you will be amazed!

This one is perennial. There's always some variation. Who reads this and is like, "$$$?! From home?! Eeeeasy?!?!? Sign me up!" 

There's never any more explanation, but I like the accompanying picture, which sometimes will also be a jet flying into the sunset. 

nude/topless housekeeper

I clicked on this ad out of curiosity (it's not a serious consideration...yet!), because I think if I were inclined to this line of work I would go through an agency and not respond to some random dude's Craiglist ad, which read: Please send your age (MUST BE OVER 18) along with a topless photo.

...Who sends topless photos for free?! 

Adult Sitter

I assumed this was an ad for a caretaker for a special needs individual. I don't know why I read it because I am neither qualified or interested in said work, but oh man... Duties will include dressing , feeding , changing(diapers), bathing, disciplining ect. He is able to move around and does not need to be carried or moved. It will be like caring for a toddler, likes to watch cartoons color and be read to. Please let me know if you are interested and availability. I would prefer to have the sitting done at your house, i will provide all supplies and food needed. There is nothing physically or mentally wrong with him and there is nothing sexual about this. It is strictly care for and treating him like a toddler boy, which is very therapeutic and relaxing. PAY IS $25 PER HOUR

$25/hour is a seriously low-ball figure for this business. Maybe he forgot a zero or two. I had to read this ad twice before I realized the person was writing in third person about himself.

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