Thursday, October 10, 2013

Special Announcement

On this day, Thursday, October 10th in the year two thousand and thirteen, I entered the mausoleum housing Vladimir Lenin.

I saw Chairman Mao in 2009, Eternal President Kim Il Sung in 2011 and Uncle Ho in April of this year. Lenin completes my pilgrimage of embalmed Communists.

Mom and I saw Lenin this morning, and having accomplished my years-long goal put an extra spring in my step for the remainder of our touring today. I still have two and a half weeks before I return to the US, and while it is a bit silly, I really feel like this final cadaver (of questionable bodily integrity - he did look a bit Madame Tussaud-ish to me) is a sort of capstone on my 5+ years of travel.

Huzzah! Now imagine me taking a 360-degree bow.

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