Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!

This is my first time celebrating in the States since 2008 and my first time celebrating at home since 2006!

2012 - Beijing (That's Beijing)
2011 - Shanghai (That's Shanghai)
2010 - Shanghai (That's Shanghai)
2009 - Taipei (teaching English)
2008 - Seattle. And I had to work! But I was covering the parade and I interviewed Captain Sig from Deadliest Catch. (interning at Seattle Times)
2007 - Anchorage (interning at Anchorage Daily News)
2006 - Florence (ranger aide! Honeyman State Park)

Something on my Dad's satellite TV broke this week and my reaction was, "Don't you still have a warranty for that?" And both my parents looked at me: "Obviously not, it's seven years old ... Although to you it must seem like about four months!"

So much bouncing around, I'm really enjoying my extended sojourn on the coast. Today I am making chocolate cream pie and blueberry pie. Easy access to baking supplies and resplendent grocery stores are definitely two of the best things America has going for it.

Enjoy your holiday!

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