Sunday, February 12, 2012

Early Valentine's Day

half-dozen creamy, fresh Canadian oysters
lobster bisque
Cesar salad
lobster and shrimp pasta
rib eye
Hendrick's martini (me), Manhattan (James)

James and I did V-day on Saturday at Shanghai Slim's - an American-style steak and lobster joint. Valentine's is the one holiday no one should do on the actual day. Restaurants are booked up and are out to get the best profit margins out of the holiday meal, plus when it falls midweek, you have to rush home to get ready... So we went out yesterday. We've both been so busy that we didn't wind up ever doing a Christmas dinner, so we really splashed out last night. Phew. There are few things in life that match the joy of a really good meal.

Then we came home and watched Paranormal Activity 3. Who knew slamming doors could be so creepy!

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