Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beware the Taiwanese shrink

Yesterday we found a mysterious piece of paper in our mailbox. It was a typed letter (no envelope, no address) and I could read just enough to deduce it was some sort of cautionary tale, and that it had to do with Taiwan, the heart, and men and women (I've been studying characters for two years now, that's all it's got me).

Usually the only mail we get is junk mail and the occasional holiday card. So I got rather excited ... perhaps it was some sort of subversive political message!

Luckily a Taiwanese friend also arrived yesterday - she's staying with me for a week - and I made her translate. Turns out it was a warning: There's a man who calls himself a psychologist (literally translating psychologist would be "inside heart scientist") from Taiwan in the area and he's been sleeping with loads of women and he has AIDS.

Sigh. I'm a bit disappointed. Nothing political ever happens here. And by here I don't mean in China, I mean within my tiny neighborhood sphere.

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