Saturday, January 28, 2012


Crowning achievements of the week: making multiple breakfasts, going on long walks in the French Concession, spending an evening at the Jazz Bar at the Peace Hotel, visiting the Propaganda Museum for the fourth or fifth time, finally forced my Malaysian ringgit on someone who is headed in that direction (Lily, my house guest who is traveling around the world), drinking a lot of tea, playing board games, buying In Cold Blood. I'm almost done, I can't believe I didn't make time to read it earlier.

It's pretty cold around here, temperature is hanging around the low 40s, which means all the more reason to stay nested. On Monday I'm off on a four-day company trip to Guangdong. They already gave us a schedule, 6.30am wake up calls every day. I need to make time to load my iPod up with games. We get one free day in Hong Kong and need to book our own accommodation. The company will put us up if we choose to stay in Shenzhen - HA HA HA - yeah, right. A couple of my girlfriends and I were going to get a mid-range room together, but now somebody's boyfriend is going to be in town so not sure about that plan anymore. Hopefully we don't end up in Chunking Mansions, but then they're supposed to be quite safe these days.

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