Friday, November 4, 2011

Internet, you'll be the death of me yet

Usually, I come to work all fresh and energized, ready to do ten things at once, get my grind on, be productive. But then this week, all that can-do energy was sucked away in the torturous time vortex of stalled browser windows. Everyone is having Internet issues this week. It's really, really, really slow. We imagine it's because someone who works in an unmarked concrete block in Beijing is tinkering with the old firewall. What a jerk. Probably clocks-in twirling his mustache and wearing a big black cape. I'm working on a complicated story right now and I haven't been able to complete basic background research because of this.

Other news:

I had a painful sinus thing yesterday. Props to Nyquil for taking care of that.

Halloween was a blast. Jess went as Carrot Top. Sam went as a homeless man (he does that every year because it comes easy). James and I went as flashers (think trench coat, sunglasses, plus pixelated junk taped over our junk). I was going to be a cosplay maid, but my wig didn't come on time. On Friday night we went to a charity party our friends put on at a club. The original idea was to do a costume parade between two bars, but the powers that be saw the word "parade" in the flyers and squelched that ("you don't have a permit!"). Then they came to the club and were really overbearing - police inspecting all the charity banners for anything potentially subversive.

I miss Taiwan. I'm hoping James and I will get a chance to visit over a weekend sometime in the next 6 months or so.

I just finished reading Out of Mao's Shadow. Depressing. But good. But depressing.

I think my blog would be wildly more entertaining if I had a less brain-intensive job. Maybe I should revert to English teaching.

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