Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We're the side wants peace!

But we're sending poison needle-wielding assassins to silence our critics!

According to this article, at least three DPRK assassins went after South Korean anti-Kim Jong Il activists.

In quick succession, they successfully killed a pastor living in the Chinese border city of Dadong. In another Chinese city, they attacked a missionary. And the South Korean government foiled an attempt in Seoul to kill an activist who launched balloons with anti-government pamphlets into the DPRK. In all three cases, it appears the weapon or intended weapon was poison.

I think this backs up what I said in my photo blog: that it's a country that's highly militarized and also dangerously inept.

How much do your spy assassins have to suck that they're found out that quickly and they're all obviously doing the same thing? And they only have a 1 of 3 success rate.

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