Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Good morning, biomedical waste

So my office is located in a restored lanehouse, which is pretty funky and cool because the editorial office is basically in a converted living room with high ceilings and fancy old chandeliers. Most of our neighbors are elderly Shanghainese, but across the way there's also a hospital building, affiliated with the hospital located across the main road. So this morning as I was biking in this guy in blue trousers was wheeling this stainless steel container clearly market with the biohazard symbol down the alley, past all the bikes and mopeds and the fruit stand.

Often enough nurses will be pushing old folks in wheelchairs down the way, presumably to get to the main building, but one time on my way to work they were pushing a stretcher covered with a white sheet, the only thing poking out was a bit of gray hair. It gave me the willies, but then I thought, well maybe they're just trying to keep the sun off the guy's eyes...

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MitMoi said...

heh ... I always look for reasons against the obvious too - because the truth is just too ... eeeep! Ya know what I mean?