Sunday, June 26, 2011

First night in Xinjiang

I'm out here in the far west for the next ten days with several other journalists from our publishing company (which is under the State News Council), which was invited by the Xinjiang government to make the trip. They served Halal meals on our flight and now that we're in the capital a lot of signs are in both Mandarin and what I'm pretty sure is Arabic. But we're staying in the Chinese part of town, so I haven't seen too many Ugyhur people yet. 

They only gave us the agenda once we were on the ground - we'll spend most of the next week traveling through Yili County, a primarily Kazakh region and every day there's some sort of government official group interview which should be ... riveting. I believe we're meeting the governor of Xinjiang tomorrow morning, and that should be rather interesting.

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