Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dreaming of the West Coast

I'm homesick. It happens from time to time. I've just be going through a prolonged period of wistfulness this time around. I miss my family. I miss fresh air and forests. I snoop through other people's spring hiking trip photos . The other day I started Googling survival and winter camping courses in Oregon. Obviously I would have no way of attending one, but it's something that's interested me for a long time. This summer I'm missing one wedding, a family reunion and, once again, all my brothers' baseball tournaments.

Two years ago the thing that bothered me most when I was homesick was missing home. Now I'm bothered more by the detachedness. For the first year my friends operated under the assumption I was imminently coming home. They don't anymore, which is fine, and I'm certainly less relevant to some of them now (though not the closest ones). The Internet helps, I probably wouldn't have lasted so long over here in the days before Skype.

Luckily, I think I'm going to make it home for a week or so at some point in the next three months. I'm feeling overdue.

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