Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stomach Flu Chic

Everyone keeps asking how my Chinese New Year vacation was and I always want to give a positive answer (give the people what they want!) but on Monday evening the laoban walked in and asked me and I just blurted, "I got the stomach flu and my grandma died." Boom. Yeah, my break was kind of lame.

On a more positive note (and I'm still trying to decide if it's truly positive) when I walked in Monday morning all the Chinese girls told me I was "so beautiful" because apparently I've dropped a noticeable amount of weight from having a week-long stomach flu. Now everyone in the office wants the stomach flu. I don't think I really lost that much, I just think all the water went out of my face or something. But I did get several "wow! so beautiful!" throughout the day which led me to whine to Je$$ica over dinner that night, "Does that mean I needed to lose weight?" To which she winningly responded, "No, it just means you look skinnier now."


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