Monday, February 21, 2011

Just Unlucky

So I spent all of Chinese New Year nursing a stomach flu, returned for two busy work weeks, had my first relaxing weekend in a long time and woke up at 1 am Sunday night for a stimulating four-hour vomit session.

I had such awful stomach cramps I called in sick to work (on proofing day no less, they were delighted) and Mike the Super Roommate called his doctor and booked me an appointment.

Food poisoning isn't usually the kind of thing I'd see a doctor over, but between Chinese New Year and then this I started thinking what the hell is going on? I'm not on the verge of this am I?

I forked over RMB910 at the fancy foreigner clinic to be told that, no, the alien spawn was not imminently forcing its way out of my stomach. I'm just unlucky. Two lame stomach bugs in one month - TIC.

That stands for "This is China." It's a phrase I'm trying to coin and is in no way related to the phrase TIA that Leonard DiCaprio used in this movie. (Blood Diamond)

My tum tum is telling me its time to resume clutching it in the fetal position. Later, blog.

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