Tuesday, February 1, 2011

新年快乐!(Happy New Year)

12 days. No blogs. Quite a dry spell.

But today is the first day of my week-long Chinese New Year vacation, so no more excuses. Tonight we're going to make hot pot at home and watch the gala on CCTV - something I'm told should be seen once. My neighbors are burning a bunch of incense in a shrine in their apartment and the hall is all smoky.

I've been back in town three weeks now, and it's taken a bit of adjustment, getting back into the work groove and also I keep having strange, stressful dreams. The one I remember most distinctly was one where I was walking around my home in Oregon, and I kept telling my parents and my brothers I wouldn't be able to see them for 10 months and no matter how many times I said it no one seemed to care, which was most upsetting.

I'm working on my next cover story, we're presently cat sitting, that's about all the news here.

Since I got my new iPod I've been taking pictures with it, I try to do one a day. Here are a few:

Special Chinese New Year display at the fruit stand
It snowed earlier this month.

This idiot in my building made the worker hose his car off.
James and I went out to a delicious sushi dinner.
A picture of my desk at work.
And here's the cat we're sitting.
And here he is in the toilet.

Kodak moment.

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