Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why hello junior-high style insecurity

I'm doing a story about foreign models in Shanghai, so tonight I went out to babysit my photographer at a club (not my scene) where a bunch of models were hanging out (double not my scene). 

The girls I'm concentrating on are very sweet and down-to-earth, but when confronted with a table of a couple dozen really, really, really good looking people - holy god! 

I was also in the awkward position of wanting to stay out of the photographs so I didn't really want to talk to anybody for long. Result? Me looking forlorn at the bar nursing a glass of vodka and juice. Ew.

Home now, time for sleep, Chinese lessons begin in 7.5 hours, I have two interviews tomorrow and load of copy due in less than a week. No biggie...

Sigh, bring on Christmas.

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