Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shanghai Festivities

For the past couple years, I've had an abbreviated holiday season. Last year I was on a boat passing through Three Gorges over Thanksgiving. The year before that, I spent the whole season in Taiwan and wound up eating KFC for Christmas Day dinner (not by choice!).

But this year, I'm finding that the expat community in Shanghai is extra festive - perhaps anticipating that almost all of us will go home for Christmas, so we want to do all our celebrating with friends early.

Tomorrow I'm going to a tree lighting ceremony at a fancy hotel on The Bund. Then Friday night, I was invited to a co-worker's Thanksgiving dinner. Saturday afternoon I'm going to help stuff Christmas bags for Shanghai migrant workers' children. And Saturday evening another friend is having a mulled wine and canapes get together. So much fun!

Not to mention, it snowed in Florence today! I'll post some of the pictures my mom sent me earlier. Every day I'm more excited to head home, and I know my family is too. It all chalks up to loads of holiday spirit - hurray!

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Dani said...

Never invite your Italian friend to all your parties? Uh? Sniff...sniff...snifff