Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm baaaaaack..

I bit the bullet and bought a VPN this weekend. I've tried about a half a dozen of these things through work by now. They all seems to work okay at first and then have trouble... This time I bought Astrill, and it's received good marks from several friends, so hopefully it'll work out.

I have a busy, busy week. All the magazine copy is due Wednesday and I still have two stories to write, eeee.... One is short and shouldn't take long. The other is my section lead. And I haven't started writing it because it's the kind of story you could report on for forever and still not have enough information. The NYT did a story on the same topic (mental health in China) last week. They had about five researchers, in addition to the main journalist, working on it... Thankfully, my story isn't exactly the same (mine is more about the infrastructure for care just in Shanghai - whereas there's was more about seriously sick people out in the countryside with zero care).

Christmas doesn't seem that far away now, and I'm really looking forward to it, but I shudder thinking about all the work I need to get done before then. Sigh.

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b. koral said...

Hello My Friend,
It is so good to be able to read your blog. (I hope this VPN works for you!) It is exciting to follow your thoughts and experiences from over here on the West Coast. I hope you are able to see your family in the states for Turkey Day, or Christmas, or both.

Take care and thanks for the excellent writing!
Brianna and Nick