Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seoul Highlights

Before they become even more overdue - here are my Seoul pictures! 11 million people live there, but after 7.5 months in Shanghai it seemed almost homey.

Koreans are educated and courteous. I found that everywhere I went - any bus I got on - people were eager to help me get to the right place. Plus it's sooo much cleaner than China.

I'll try to get the rest of them up over the next week, but for now here is the first half:

Gyeongbok Palace

Gyeongbok is the biggest of five palaces within Seoul

It took about a hour to walk through all the grounds
From South Korea

Funky accessory wholesale market

Need a little boost from behind?

Me + Giant Mascot
selling veggies

four-story Dunkin' Donuts

Before I left, a friend from home introduced me to his friend living in Seoul, who was kind
enough to take me out for drinks a couple nights. One night I also went to watch his radio show.

plastic surgery ad. plastic surgery is super popular in Korea
Hey look!
Fancy digs

Fancy digs' view
long way down
Fancy Digs' bath tub with TV.

In one of the tourist districts, I was randomly interview by Arirang, Korea's international English-language TV channel. They asked me how I felt about amnesty for long-term illegal immigrants in Thailand and the Argentinian government's decision to ban a dance contest for ugly people...Things I'm highly qualified to expound upon.
Fortune Teller stands outside a public park
well-dressed old man. wish I could've got a better picture.

Tablets depicting Korean student uprising against the Japanese. Every historical place there is to visit in Seoul,
there's some reminder of Japanese brutality.
Hmm, how do you pronounce that?
A discount only for foreigners. That would annoy me if I were Korean

That's all for now. More to come!

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