Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Typhoon Season No. 3

I moved to Taiwan in September 2008 - that was my first typhoon season. Then in 2009 I was in Taipei for Morakot, which caused major damage and killed hundreds in Southern Taiwan. Now it's upon us again.

They closed school today in Shanghai for Typhoon Kompasu (adults still had to go to work). Lightening is crackling outside and water is streaming down the sides of my building, but Shanghai doesn't really get hit hard by typhoons, they have it much worse farther south.

I'm still astounded by the loss of life the weather regularly causes in this part of the world. People who lives in places with poor infrastructure have it the worst.

Here's hoping for the best this year, and for the safety of everyone who lives in the path of what's brewing in the South China Sea.

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