Saturday, September 25, 2010

Northwest Moment

Mid-Autumn Festival was this week. There must be something to the Chinese lunar calendar, because within the space of two days I went from arriving at work with sweat dripping down my elbows after a one-mile walk, to wearing my Mongolian boots and a jacket. It's not cold now by any means, but it is wonderfully, comfortably cool.

My friend Jess just moved in with the Chef and I. We met on the internet, through couchsurfer, and exchanged novella-style emails while I was still home on the Oregon Coast, plotting my next move. I lived with her my first week in Shanghai and we've been BFFs ever since. That is until she moved to Africa for three months.

But now she's back and she may be living with me permanently, if the Chef decides he can handle two loud, pastey-skinned broads from the Northwest. Jess is from Seattle. 

And while she was in Africa, she scored some Kilimanjaro coffee! So this morning I woke up around 8 am - Jess was off to Chinese classes already - and it was all rainy outside, but our living room smelled like a fresh brew, and she'd left some for me in the kitchen!

Cool Rainy morning + Coffee. I enjoyed a very Northwest moment.  So glad Jess brought a coffee pot when she moved in.

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