Friday, September 3, 2010


Today, I am 24. 

And thus I can no longer quote Coolio's lyrics from Gangster's Paradise ("i'm twenty-three now but will i live to see twenty-four, the way things is going, i dunno") as if they were applicable.

Also, 24 is definitely "mid-twenties" as opposed to "early twenties." I suppose I'm okay with that. My boss keeps calling me a "mere slip of a girl." Aussies.

I think I'm going to go get some pancakes soon. And then I'm going to do a bit of work on my cover story. And then I'm going to try and trick a hotel in Seoul into letting me stay for free when I head that way in October.

Tonight, I'm celebrating at Chef Mike's restaurant. "No I won't make you a cake shaped like Yoda." "No I won't make you a cake with Bill the vampire on it." That's all I heard from that guy this week. He did bring home a delicious carrot cake after work this week though, so I can't be too put out when he denies my outrageous requests.

23 was a good year. It went fast though, I was moving around so much. I spent most of it in Asia. I taught some English, I took a huge backpacking trip. I got a writing job. My Chinese is coming along, I'm learning to write. 

Seems like forward progress. 


MitMoi said...

Happy! Happy Burfday!!

23 was a busy year - but I bet 24 will be even better. You are doing so many cool things.

And hopefully Mike-the-chef is going to knock your socks off tonight.

Dani said...

A cake with Bill the Vampire on it doesn't sound like a bad idea at all......should remember that for my bday ;)