Saturday, August 7, 2010


Rejoice! That alumni function I went to the other day? I met someone who told me about the USC vpn. Yes, my alma mater has a VPN. Ah, the fringe benefits of a private school education - there's money to toss around on fancy dinners in Shanghai and firewall-defying computer shenanigans.

This VPN works like lightening. So now I'm going to upload some of my Hong Kong photos!

Yes, this trip was soooo long ago - but here it is:


Bruce Lee

Fish at the market

Tai O

A cool old water town

Weird Snow White garden thing, also in Tai O

Big Buddha. This is terrible - but I'm kind of over big Buddhas. You can see enough of one thing...

Near Lan Kwai Fong, restaurant/bar strip

There ya go! More pictures to follow shortly...


Alison Martin said...

Cousin Eric here.

Does the sign in the "Snow White garden thing" say "Snow White Spouse Wanted"??

Leslie said...

Yes. That is what it says. It was a present to the home owner from someone from New Zealand, from what the other non-visible signage said.

Weird, right.

sonya said...

So maybe there is a way to email you, and maybe it is weird that you are the first thing to come up after googling "usc alumni vpn" but I was wondering if you have more info on how to acquire this vpn, I'm an '09 grad currently living in England. Thanks!