Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I was going to blog about KL...

But then I started working at 7:30 am and then left for happy hour with an Ogilvy vice president for my Oct. cover story. That lasted until about half an hour ago (10:30pm). But one of the joys of having a chef for a roommate is you can give him a call at that time of night just before the kitchen closes and ask for whatever is fastest. And if you're as lucky as I am, your chef roommate will whip that something up for you.

Tomorrow night is my magazine's food & drink award party - our biggest event of the year. 

No rest for the wicked...

But plenty of work-subsidized drankin'

Will blog soonest. xoxo.


Siiri said...

Dear Leslie, I just found out about your blog from your Aunt Sue, who happens to be my cousin! Let me break it down: your mom Sandy and Aunt Sue's dad was brothers with my grandpa Gene....I THINK that makes us third cousins or something....anyway, Sue told me about your blog, that you're in China and thought we should def meet (at least virtually anyway). Would love to chat if you're inclined to do so. My blog is all about food/cooking/sharing meals, etc. I live in Downtown Seattle, but will be traveling to Indonesia for all of September. Hit me up! My blog is: (www) dot (aHalfCup) dot (com) Would love to hear from you! -Siiri

Jimmie said...

Sooo, I was in Laos last week (pause for maximum effect) and I met this girl when I went to this really amazing cave. She's American (from Illinois) and she taught in China for awhile.

Apparently the two of you have met a few times.

The moment she heard that I taught in Taiwan and have a blog, she was like, "Oh I met this girl in Shanghai who taught in Taiwan and has a blog and now she's working there as an online editor."

I was like, wait, I know who this is...

So weird! I know we never actually met in person but I still think it's pretty awesome that I've been reading your blog all this time and not I'm hearing about you from some totally random girl I met in a third-world country.

Word of mouth really is the way to go.