Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ah, homesickness

Saturday I got up and went to brunch with some people, then I came home and watched too much TV. There were other things I could've done, spend-Saturday-watching-TV isn't my usual bag, but there wasn't anything that sounded more appealing.

When I sit around on my days off, I get lonely and homesick. But going out in this town is inevitably expensive. Further, while I am making friends, and am acquainted with plenty of lovely people now, a lot of times I find socializing exhausting. I have a couple good friends in town now who don't exhaust me, like Chef Mike, but just sitting at brunch, trying to think of things to say that aren't boring, eating food that's just okay...that makes me tired.

Brunch is tired. Being home alone is lonely. All it chalks up to is homesickness, which I find is something that never really goes away - it's just something you have to power through in order to live abroad and do cool stuff. I deal with it because I know eventually I'll live closer to the people I love, and I have so many opportunities being in Asia right now. It's just the downside is whoever you are and wherever you live - being a foreigner is lonely. Period.

I'm thrilled to live somewhere where I can weekend in Kuala Lumpur. The price is sometimes all I want to do is take my dog to the beach or go out on the lake, eat with my family - and instead I finish True Blood season 3.

Thanks, HBO, USC proxy server and streaming website. You are no proper substitute for time with my fam, but you do dish up quality programming.

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