Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's all a Conspiracy

Today the community editor announced her mom's flight was diverted from Pudong Airport to Hongqiao Airport due to weather. These airports are only about 45 kilometers from each other. And the weather on our side of the river was perfectly fine. What's worse, her mom (who was on an international flight) couldn't just disembark at Hongqiao. She had to wait until the "weather" cleared and be flown back to Pudong. Ah, bureaucracy.

Weather my eye, I thought. There's probably some sneaky PLA bullshit and/or important peoples landing out at Pudong.

But then I thought ... well, I suppose the weather could be different over on the lesser side of the river.

It's just that when you live in a country where everything qualifies as a state secret (elementary school building plans, aid money...), you're pretty much ready to believe everything is a cover up.

If the gov't says it's weather, it's not weather. If they say it isn't aliens, it is. Chef Mike made an informal survey of his kitchen staff and none of them had even heard about the aliens! Cuz that's how The Party likes to keep 'em - in the dark.

It also probably doesn't help my attitude that my dad has taken to using the term "chicoms" wherever he can fit it in...

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