Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Conversations at the Fish Market

Sunday night a few friends and I traveled out to Putou for dinner at the seafood market. It's the kind of place where you buy the fish at the stands and then take it into the restaurant where they cook it for you. All the hawkers plied me with compliments...

Fish Hawker: You're so beautiful! Where are you from?

Me: America

Fish Hawker: Do you have a boyfriend?

Me: So many!

Fish Hawker: Tsk! Americans can do this, Chinese can not! Americans can. Chinese can only have one.

In Chinese he used the words 不行 (bùxíng), which is cool because it's more than can't it's like no/no way/not okay all wrapped in one.

And then...

Fish Hawker: So you need a Chinese boyfriend? I teach you Chinese, give you good price on fish...

He tossed in a freebie bag of clams with our purchase.

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