Monday, July 12, 2010

Baseball Notes

Ricky's team whooped Lincoln City in the tournament final this weekend. Wa-hoo! The two worst things about being in Shanghai this summer is not getting to watch baseball and missing out on good old Lake Woahink (yes, in that order).

My dad is really on me for not posting more here, so I'm going to try and do better. Ironically, my home internet broke this morning. My Chinese is pretty good, but not good enough to navigate China Telecom customer service without outside help, so I'm blogging from work (it's 6:30 - I'm off the clock!).

So while my brother was busy beating the kids up the North Coast - I was interviewing a baseball player way out in Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

Xinjiang is one of those hot-button censorship words around these parts. Xinjiang University segregates its student dorms (Han Chinese, and Ugyhur minority), so it's pretty amazing these kids got together (in a desert region where you can't exactly buy bats and gloves, mind you) and made a baseball team! They don't even have diamonds up there!

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