Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Never in Taiwan...

I can't help it. I've become a Taiwan snob. Every day there's something - I try to catch myself but often enough the words, "Well in Taiwan you'd never see ______" spill forth.

I had a big UGH! moment today in the subway. For the Expo - there are now PLA soldiers at all the subway entrances. They're really young-looking. They just have batons. They stand at attention. Fine. It doesn't seem very friendly to me, but whatever.

But the city has also put security bag checks at every station. Not only is this unnecessary, it's so obviously a sham - they never open bags, stop the machine to have a closer look - it's totally perfunctory. And it's totally maddening at rush hour when you have to wait 5 minutes in a huge line to let someone pretend to check your bag for dangerous items.

I blogged about it on my work blog here: 

An embarrassment to a city that wants to be seen as world-class.

Actually, I just need to relax and learn patience. Otherwise this country is going to drive me nuts.


LT said...

I know how you feel. Not until I moved to the UAE did I realize Taiwan wasn't that bad at all. Well there are still things that can be improved but it is okay with civilization. My sister had a hard time adjusting to life in Beijing when she moved out there six years ago.

You probably can't surf others' blogs, can you? I can't get in my blogger anymore. Don't know why. They locked my other account linked to my blog.

Leslie said...

I have a vpn. So technically I can, but I've really slacked on my blog following, whereas I used to go through my blog roll every day for what's new - now it's more like once every 10 days. But I'll check yours out! Thanks