Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hong Kong Here I Come

Dear sad, sad, neglected, blog,

Every time I look at you I feel bad. But what can I do? Sometimes I spent ten hours a day blogging, uploading, editing for my job. It's hard to come home and tend to you too. 

But in a couple hours I'm getting on a train to Hong Kong! Where you can drink the tap water and look at Facebook without a proxy server! I've even heard people actually stand in line there. Gives me shivers of excitement just thinking about it.

I've been to Hong Kong before. Actually, it was the first place I ever traveled outside the United States - just before we adopted Billy. That was 12 years ago though.

But first I've got to take a 17-hour train ride. I bought oodles of groceries yesterday, I'm packing a few books - should be a grand old time so long as my bunkmates are tenable. 

So see you then, blog!

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