Thursday, May 27, 2010

'Hai...I'm Back

I thought I would have a craaaazy busy work day, but I didn't. Maybe I should have. Ah well. Mañana, mañana. 

I ate lunch with my BFF Jess who is leaving for Africa for three months. What a wench. Yes, she  allowed me to stay on her couch for a week when I first arrived. Yes, she gives  step-by-step foolproof directions over the phone from my apartment to wherever I need to go within a 2-kilometer radius.  And yes when I call and say things like "Jess, I went to Family Mart and didn't see any floss - DO THEY HAVE IT IN CHINA?" She answers patiently. Dude...Watsons. But she's still abandoning me for the summer to go on safari and shoot an elephant or some such. So she's a wench.

Speaking of floss, I received a whole box of it (unwaxed!) from my mom today. I only found the waxed stuff at the pharmacy here. And my hygienist recommends the non-slick variety. I kind of get a lot of cavities, so I try to do her bidding. I was feeling generous and gave Chef Mike a pack of unwaxed floss too so he too can avoid the "Shanghai gums" (mom's words).

I was trying to get some work done from home tonight but the Chef came home early, and it's impossible to get anything done with that guy around. We ordered tacos and hotdogs from the place downstairs (and made them bring it up to us, ohhh yeeeeah). And then we went to Family Mart on a beer run before watching Dawn of the Dead (the remake). 

Chef Mike walked out with a can of Asahi in each of his back pockets and a bag of Bugles in hand. On the way home we discussed how bothersome sharting is (I'm talking about the bodily function, not the Bollywood classic). I won't go into details, but this is definitely one of those 'you haven't lived in China until you've...' kind of things.

Tomorrow morning we have an editorial meeting at the bar ... in the morning. Everyone gets a hundred-kuai tab. The fun never stops: Sunday I'm taking my surrogate boyfriend, who is also named Mike, and who is Jess' roommate to yet another press lunch. He gets free food. I don't have to buy a real doll (Google that one yourself, I'm not linking it.). It's a beautiful relationship. 

I did get some bummer news this week: My brother Billy broke his ankle sliding into first base during a baseball game. Some dumb kid was standing in front of the plate. So no track-and-field junior olympics for my little bro this summer. No anything for three months, actually. Poor little guy. 

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