Sunday, April 18, 2010


So here's the deal on my little bro:

He is currently the number two seventh grade pole vaulter in America, according to

He is also in third place among seventh graders nationally for the 100-meter dash.

He is 24th in the country for high jump (again among seventh graders).

It boggles the mind. When my family visited Taiwan, Billy showed me how he could - with a running start - leap frog over my dad. This was a very cool trick. But now that they're timing him and taking measurements - we know he has real skills. 

Another almost-blogless weekend. I spent Saturday and Sunday out with friends. Different friends, different places. It was fun. I think I'm finding my element. If Undersundog isn't enough Leslie, you can skip over to - my job website. Today I called home and my dad complained about the fact I'm not blogging, and I complained about the fact the internet is half-illegal over here, which makes it really hard to post pictures, and a "that's what you get for living in a totalitarian shit hole" was what I got in return. Thanks, pops. I do want to post pictures. I've even been taking them around where I live! Tomorrow, tomorrow...

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