Monday, April 26, 2010


After much griping from padre, I'm finally posting pictures of my new neighborhood. This is my building. Don't worry, my apartment is much nicer than the outside. And the downstairs has a greasy hamburger joint with great banana milkshakes which delivers to my place for free. Does life get any better?
This is the view across the street as I exit my building.

These are traditional shikumen houses below my living room window.
Tearing up the lane. When I took this picture this one old lady barked to her old lady friend, "Why is the foreigner taking a picture?" I told her "because it's interesting." Then she asked if I was a teacher. And I said no.
Another alley near where I live.
My walk to work.
More walk to work. There's always lots of construction. You can't go a block without running into some bamboo scaffolding or a dude sledge-hammering the sidewalk.

Turning down the alley toward my office.

Funky mailboxes across from my office.
Funky office/Converted House

There you have it.

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