Sunday, April 4, 2010


I'm an easy girl to please. Fly me to Beijing, set me up in the Hyatt for a night - executive suite, please - and I'm good to go. As soon as the marketing lady showed me my room and closed the door, I ran in and did a flying-suirrel leap on to the big old bed.

Then I toodled around the room for half an hour taking pictures of myself before lunch. It was a pretty quick trip - mostly taken up by the PR people squiring a few Chinese reporters and myself around the hotel.

I also got my first real massage in the spa. There was this pretty bowl of flowers below the massage table, placed for me to stare at while the masseuse worked. I caught myself before I drooled on them - it was very relaxing.

I didn't really have time to enjoy all the space in the suite.

Not once did I sit on that couch. Ah, but for one night it was mine.

Fancy, Fancy
I got up early the next morning to use the pool before they took us back to the airport. All the Chinese reporters thought that was very novel. Us white folks, we like to swim. Check back tomorrow - will post more of my media mooch adventures!

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