Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ah, The Dirty Life

I've been in my new place a few weeks now, and just got around to scrubbing the pollution off the windowsill in my bedroom - a nasty experience. Between the smog, the stinky tap water (Me asks Chef Mike: "Can I wash veggies in this?" Him: "If you have no other choice?"), and the swill oil - if I come down with an obscure cancer(s), or my first born child resembles Admiral Ackbar, well I'll only have myself to blame for moving to China. Shanghai is really cool, it's also kind of gross.

Chef Mike works late 6 nights a week, and I have about um two, three friends so I eat by myself a lot. When you're alone, you learn more about yourself. Right now I'm learning how poorly I know the real Leslie. See, whenever I go to the grocery store I think of myself as a squirrel, that or some sort of health-concious skinny bitch: Thus, my apartment is full of nuts, granola and dried fruit. But every time I walk in the door my first thought is, "GIMME THE CANDY AND THE BEER!" Chef Mike eats at the restaurant usually, so he doesn't even have any booze or sweets for me to pilfer. 

I was going to post pictures of my Moganshan outing - but I couldn't get my sneaky internets to work long enough to upload this morning (writing through email now). Blog action is just not going to be what it was in Taiwan, but I am going to post regularly now.

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