Friday, March 12, 2010


Sheesh. It's rough going from three months with the 'rents to full-time job plus a killer timezone change.

The good news is I have an apartment. Yay! It needs a scrubbing down and there's loads of stuff to be bought - chief among these un-bought items is a mattress pad. Chinese people and their hard beds. You could play Jenga on this bed, no problem. You could probably dribble a basketball on it too.

The work week flew by. This week was better than last. I'm excited to get into a routine and have everything down - but it could take awhile.

Haven't been much of a tourist in my new city, yet. Sightseeing? I went to IKEA and registered at the police station. Ah well. Not like I'm leaving any time soon.

Aaaaand, I think I've found a decent VPN service to help me leap over that feggin' firewall. Want to know what's dumb? I can do a google news search for "Shanghai." But if I try to search "Shanghai art," nooooope. Denied.

The homesickness comes and goes. But I've been lucky to meet some good people - especially my new BFFs Jess and Mike, whom I was staying with before I moved into my apartment. And despite its reputation, Shanghai has proved a pretty friendly city, at least to me, so far. I've met lots of foreigners who've invited me out.

Why and just the other day I was walking down the street when a Shanghai gentleman coming toward me was in the midst of gathering a huge back-of-the-throat loogey. He noticed me and - I suppose remembering how us foreigners feel about the hocking of loogeys - he held it in his mouth until I passed. Still gross to hear, once he was behind me. But hey - I appreciate the effort.

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Jimmie said...

Isn't it so strange to you that the apartment isn't clean when you move into it? I know that was totally weird for me when we moved into our apartment here. I'm so used to back in the States where apartments are the cleanest you'll ever see them upon move in and move out.

Good luck getting all settled in!