Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You can't take it with you

Nine nights left. And I can feel it. Watching the sunlight on the lake in the morning. Walking on the beach. Driving through the four stoplights of Highway 101 that comprise the lovely little City of Florence. There's a lot to miss.

Today I picked up some Deschutes Brewery Cascade Ale and a six-pack of Blonde Bomb Shell (Cascade Lakes Brewing). Oregon beer, sigh. I miss you already.

I also got the cheese man at Market of Choice to make some suggestions (Me: "Next week I'm leaving indefinitely to a place without much cheese - HELP!"). He handed me a wedge of Humboldt County goat cheese. I'm not huge into goat cheese, but the cheese man's tone was so tender and loving when he spoke of it, I had to get it.

The French have been kicking around Shanghai for quite some time, so hopefully the cheese situation won't be as dismal as Taiwan.
For Christmas my uncle got me this cool booze sampler. The bottles are so cute, I wasn't in a hurry to drink them. Plus, I figured I'd save them for a special occasion among friends (it's not like my mom ever wants to bust out the jagermeister and goldschlager). But there's no way I'm hauling all those little bottles across the Pacific.
Better get crackin'!

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