Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Point of Big Sisters

Yesterday my brother called home from the phone in the junior high office in the middle of the day. My dad answered.

Billy asked me to pick him up after school. He didn't want to say why, but Dad prodded it out of him: He needed someone to take him to the store to buy a v-day present, and he was more comfortable if it were me.

Awww. When you leave your family and go overseas indefinitely, it's nice to know you still have a purpose in the house.

When we got to the store and perused cards, Billy held one up with a picture of two kids - a boy and a girl - knocking heads in a swimming pool.

"This is nice..." he told me, "Except-

He points to the boy.

"He's white..."

That cracked us both up and - since there weren't any cards depicting Asian boys with white girls - we opted for something different.

The outing also gave me some new insight into the male mind: I got him after basketball practice and it was a race against the clock - he had to go home, shower, and be at the V-day dance in an hour.

Of course, Fred Meyer flowers were all brown around the edges so we dashed off to Safeway.

"Billy! You can't leave this stuff until the last minute! Girls hate that!"

"I know, but then they'll think it's so cute that I went to all this work and hurried to get it..."

Riiiiiight. So that's how you people justify yourselves.

Other than that it was all a cold calculation of price - what's the most impressive thing we could get without dropping more than $10?

We wound up with a long-stem rose, candy hearts, a card and a little stuffed animal. I dropped him off at the dance, feeling all warm and fuzzy and sisterly.

Then, unbeknownst to me, he broke the stem off the rose chasing my car because I forgot to give him money to get in. Oopsies.

But I got an A+ on gift-giving help!

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