Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hurray for freedom, hurray for Google!

Google will no longer censor search results in China. The policy change came after Google discovered hackers tricking human rights activists into opening their email accounts to others, according to this AP article.

I expect the end result to be Chinese people will no longer be able to use Google, which is sad, but I love to see Google stick it to the Commies.

Twenty years after Tiananmen, China hasn't made much progress in the personal freedom department. And five weeks in-country left me with the impression, wow, this could go on for generations.

But perhaps there's a point where the government will have to say, hmm, this stifling of information is - not only a pain in the ass - but economically detrimental and intellectually stultifying. I mean, how much time would you lose at work if you couldn't Google stuff? On the other hand, Facebook isn't allowed in China either so the time not wasted there would probably cancel out the no-Google time loss...

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