Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry...

If you've been wondering recently what's in right now with the Chinese grade school set - look no further! This is it!

Everywhere I teach - kids keep coming into my class mumble-singing "sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry..." At first I thought it was a joke or a game, but then I got cool and realized it was SUPER JUNIOR! Only the most gigantor Korean boy band ever - if not the whole world!! Seriously, they're like 20 strong. Too many to count.

I posted this video to Facebook and a friend in Taichung replied that on several occasions she's seen groups of kids doing all the choreography in the street.

The Soulja Boy of Taiwan?


MitMoi said...

Am I tragically hip - or have hopelessly bad taste? I <3 this video.

*yikes* maybe I have the secret <3 of a Chinese 10 yr old girl?

Or ... perhaps I am "youthful"! Yeah - that's it!

Thanks for sharing

Leslie said...

It grows on you, huh?

I want to learn the dance. (shhhh! Don't tell!)