Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wuthering Heights Abridged

Two people are in love, but one is poor. So they marry other people, have lugubrious arguments, fall sick and die. Unfortunately, they don't die before procreating. Man named Heathcliff carries 20-year grudge. He steals some people's land and provokes others into emotional fits. Those people, once provoked, also fall sick and die. Eventually, Heathcliff himself falls sick and dies.

I know medicine was not super awesome in the 1800s ... but did people actually get so emotionally distraught they just keeled over? Often enough for it to be believable in a book?

My Chinese school has a leave-one-take-one book bin. It was either the Heights or One L: First Year at Harvard Law School. Guess I made the wrong choice. Oh yeah, someone also dropped in some sort of proselytizing literature, the kind I was totally handed for free at college. Whoever you are that dropped that in the box, that's totally cheating.

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