Thursday, August 6, 2009

Typhoon Season

sideways rain > umbrella

I had a lunch date at a friend's house today. I lingered over cardamom tea in her living room watching the rain over the Xindian river until it became obvious it wasn't going to let up. Despite my umbrella, the space between the top of my head and my nose was all that was still dry when I made it to the subway station. Then the bus was stop and go on the ride home. It took so long I'd passed from dripping to lightly damp before we got back to Nankan - only to get drenched again walking to the apartment.

Typhoon Morakot may hit us tomorrow. We'll find out tonight. I wouldn't mind a day of holing up and watching movies. On the other hand, tomorrow is pay day... le'sigh.

Edit: Typhoon. No work tomorrow!

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