Sunday, August 2, 2009


People do depraved things in bathrooms the world over, I need only ask my old coworkers from the restroom crew at Honeyman State Park to know that.

But never have I been to a place where women so frequently peed on the seat and floor of public restrooms as they do in Taiwan!


I think the problem stems from the fact toilets are half and half here: Half are Western-style, and half are squats (read: oblong ceramic depression in floor).

For whatever reason, a much-too-large percentage of women like to treat sitters like squatters and then fail to clean up their misfired pee!

Thankfully, the subway restroom crews are quick and frequent. But it's bad enough that if I have a choice, I'll pick the squatter first rather than deal with the possibility I'll be faced with a messy seat.

I suppose this counts as an overshare post.

Taiwanese seat sprinklers, you're on notice.

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