Monday, July 20, 2009

Too Much Hiney

In Taiwan, if a restaurant sells beer, it sells Taiwan Beer and Heineken. Third-most popular are assorted Japanese labels (Asahi, Sapporo). After that, I see a lot more Corona than American labels.
I suppose this is a reflection of local tastes, people must like light beers here.

Heineken is just okay. But I'd take it any day over Taiwan Beer, which reminds me of all the watery brews I pumped out of a steel drum at 'SC. Taiwan Beer's slogan should be: "Easy to drink ... But why would you want to?"Taiwan Beer just came out with a new brew, Mine Malt Beer, which is slightly better than the namesake label "Taiwan PEE-jiu" (emphasis on PEE is my own).
Heineken must have decided to step up their game. I took these pictures a week ago at Zhongxia Fuxing station in Taipei. What you're looking at is a three-story long ad that runs up the side of a very steep escalator. It takes about a minute to get from top to bottom, so it's impossible to ignore.

While initially overwhelming, the three-story long Heineken tunnel doesn't have me rushing out for a six-pack.

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