Thursday, July 2, 2009

Teacher Lee, Fountain of Knowledge

Really Teacher Lee should get her own blog, because she just has so much wisdom to impart.

Today one of the Mongolians came in with a gargantuan fake diamond earring. The piercing wasn't new, just none of us noticed before because he'd never worn anything quite so noticeable.

E! This is bu hao (bad)! Do not do this to your body, she warned his cousin.

Teacher Lee explained that it's very bad luck to pierce one's ears, especially for men. Because unnecessary body holes make you ... incomplete?

Then she told a story about her Christian friend who did not believe in fortunetellers. However, the Christian accompanied another friend to a fortuneteller at the friend's request. When they arrive, the fortuneteller told the Christian (even though it wasn't her reading) she was in for it because her ears were pierced.

The Christian wound up in a mental institution.

But, I countered, the majority of American women have pierced ears, and most of them aren't crazy.

"Ah, that is because they don't have bad luck."


After Teacher Lee's class Teacher Shen arrived and I noticed her pierced ears. I told her she must have bad luck, and then related Teacher Lee's position.

"No! That is why I have four holes!" Teacher Shen countered. She was only wearing one pair of earring, but she took one out and stuck it in the other ear to prove the number of holes in her ears.

She then explained that when she was young she and a friend pierced their ears. Then she went home and her mom noticed the earrings. "Do you want to be a girl in your next life?" Mom asked. "NO!" Teacher Shen said. "I want to be a boy!"

Somehow the logic followed that she then had to go get another piercing.

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