Wednesday, July 22, 2009


From Eclipse
This morning I made for Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall to watch the eclipse.
Taipei is tall and dense. I wanted to go somewhere open, where my view wasn't blocked by a skyscraper.
Lots of people had the same idea. City workers passed out nifty free glasses so we could look at it without hurting our eyes.
with my cool shades on

I was interviewed by the news. Don't know if I made it on TV. We don't have cable, so I didn't bother asking what channel. TV interviews are weird. The anchor kept saying things like, "Do you think it's incredible? Is it unbelievable?" and I felt strangely compelled to parrot her, "Yes! It's unbelievable and incredible!"
They interviewed me.

The most covered the Sun got was 86% - so it didn't get dark like it did in Shanghai and various other locations across Asia. However it was cooler and less bright than usual. By midmorning, Taipei usually feels like the inside of a car left in the sun. Today it was almost comfortable.

We should have an eclipse every day.

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