Sunday, June 28, 2009


Last weekend my Chinese class went out to karaoke (we call it "KTV" here). We went to this really nice place in central Taipei (Party World, near Zhongxiao Dunhua Station) that had fancy couches and flatscreens.

For about half the group it was a first. But my Chinese teacher and her sister came, and they were old hat.

We drank tea, nibbled cookies and crackers, and sang our hearts out for FIVE HOURS. It was a blast.

By the pictures you can tell - I'm that special person you want (or don't want?) at karaoke because I make up for talent with enthusiasm.
Feelin' it in my heart, if not in the right key
The Mongolians try on a little Backstreet Boys
My wonderful classmates
Rumi, from Japan, was the karaoke queen. And that's not a yawn. That's air guitar.
My Chinese teacher (right) and her sister. They were really good and lively.

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